Screenshot Garden

A sign reads “Only a garden is free” on the grounds of Matsumoto Castle, Japan. Auto-completed search suggestions for the query “disposal of”. The first suggestion by the search engine is “disposal of dead horse”. A newspaper headline reads “Sandwiches: A meal you hold in your hand” above an image of a corned beef reuben sliced in half. A digital display outside a store called All that Glitters shows an icon of a recycle bin with the text ‘Recycle Bin’. Chopsticks pierce egg yolks on a bed of raw oats in a still for a video entitled ‘Don't fry the eggs, add a bowl of cereal, which is more fragrant than eating meat’. A graphic of a horse with a yellow-white aura and cones of colorful light shooting out at random points, supporting an article called ‘Chakras’. A father and son walk along a grassy trail leading to the inside of an umbilicus. Two figure are further along the trail. A Craigslist ad with the title ‘Land fire sale’. A dangerous maniac came out of the tunnel in search of a victim. A middle age man cannot pass through subterranean passage because of the fear of having no escape, and being closed into a small space.

The screenshot garden is an idea taken from, who got it from this and this. Apparently I’m not the only one who keeps a file of such treasures.