Found a nice minimal, modern feed reader in Miniflux and got a copy running on Heroku in no time. Blog subscriptions have commenced in earnest. How nice is it to get back into this?

Surveillance Capitalism

Nearly every product or service that begins with the word “smart” or “personalised”, every internet-enabled device, every “digital assistant”, is simply a supply-chain interface for the unobstructed flow of behavioural data on its way to predicting our futures in a surveillance economy.

Shoshana Zuboff discusses her new book, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

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More from Shoshana Zuboff (link):

Th[e] power to shape behaviour for others’ profit or power is entirely self-authorising. It has no foundation in democratic or moral legitimacy, as it usurps decision rights and erodes the processes of individual autonomy that are essential to the function of a democratic society.

The Great Divide

The Great Divide: Chris Coyier on the current state of frontend development.

Thoughts on “The Great Divide”

It’s not even strictly a “divide,” per se. OK, there’s JavaScript, and then everything else. But “everything else” encompasses any number of discrete (and challenging!) rabbit holes (so does JavaScript): accessibility, SVG, animation, PHP templating, not to mention just writing clean, semantic HTML and responsive, maintainable CSS.

More on “The Great Divide”

This is largely how I feel, too: loving the work on both sides of the “divide,” but straining to master disparate and sometimes only loosely-related skills.

Right now, I’m enjoying working with React as a UI library, Apollo GraphQL for data, Cypress for integration testing, and webpack as a build tool. I am constantly eying up CSS-in-JS libraries. Yet, while I do consider those things a part of front-end development, they feel cosmically far away from the articles and conversations around accessibility, semantic markup, CSS possibilities, UX considerations, and UI polish, among others. It feels like two different worlds.

Chris Coyier, The Great Divide

Note-Publishing Workflow

Looking for ways to optimize the process of publishing a note. On desktop, markdown-writer is making handling Jekyll frontmatter and Markdown syntax a breeze. Seems like Editorial could handle this on iOS. And Working Copy would solve the issue of pushing notes to GitHub 🙌

Notes Migration

As a part of trying to blog more regularly this year, I’ve migrated all my notes here from I’m excited to have everything I write hosted in one place. I also want to get back into following blogs, and this feels like a good accompanying step to that.

New Blog Post

I wrote a thing about how Sass helped me manage a rather complex color scheme for a recent website project.