Note-Publishing Workflow

Looking for ways to optimize the process of publishing a note. On desktop, markdown-writer is making handling Jekyll frontmatter and Markdown syntax a breeze. Seems like Editorial could handle this on iOS. And Working Copy would solve the issue of pushing notes to GitHub 🙌

Notes Migration

As a part of trying to blog more regularly this year, I’ve migrated all my notes here from I’m excited to have everything I write hosted in one place. I also want to get back into following blogs, and this feels like a good accompanying step to that.

New Blog Post

I wrote a thing about how Sass helped me manage a rather complex color scheme for a recent website project.


Just registered for a week-long course on creating digital editions at #dhsi18!

New Website

My revamped personal website is live with a new look and a number of recent projects. I even started a blog! 😱


Update on my search for an alternative to Google Analytics: in the end, I decided to scrap tracking altogether. It’s for a small, personal project with an emphasis on simple design. And honestly I just don’t care about the numbers.

Skolar Devanagari

Great to see that Rosetta’s Skolar Devanagari is now up on Typekit. There are so few well-designed typefaces out there for Indic scripts. Can’t wait to use it in a project!