Just registered for a week-long course on creating digital editions at #dhsi18!

New Website

My revamped personal website is live with a new look and a number of recent projects. I even started a blog! 😱


Update on my search for an alternative to Google Analytics: in the end, I decided to scrap tracking altogether. It’s for a small, personal project with an emphasis on simple design. And honestly I just don’t care about the numbers.

Skolar Devanagari

Great to see that Rosetta’s Skolar Devanagari is now up on Typekit. There are so few well-designed typefaces out there for Indic scripts. Can’t wait to use it in a project!


I would love to know if there’s historically any discourse in South Asia on the aesthetics of Nagari. I got a blank stare the one time I mentioned it in grad school, and never pursued it further.

Yesterday’s Bake

Yesterday’s bake was definitely an improvement but still denser than I’d like. Maybe 100% whole wheat loaves will only open up so much. Still tastes great though!

Whole Wheat

Revisiting the hundo-hundo whole wheat sourdough formula today. This time gonna try autolysing overnight, plus an ambient proof rather than overnight retard to try to prevent over-development of the dough.